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        Ningbo Jiasi Chemical CO.,LTD,approved by ISO9001:2000,is specialized in manufacturing fine chemicals.

        Our company is engaged in providing fine chemicals,including pharmaceutical intermediates, alkynyl alcohols nonionic surfactant as defoaming and wetting agent,liquid crystal and electron chemicals,sensitization & photochromism materials,light initiator and special high polymer monomer etc.

        Furthermore,we specialize in Grignard Reaction, Sandmeyer Reaction, Friedel-Crafts Reaction, Brominations, Low-temperature Nitration Reaction,Electronation Reaction,Non-monophase Catalytic Oxidation Reaction,Etherification of Phenolhydrox,Cyclizative Condensation and others cell chemical reaction.Bisides we have our own style of treatment after high-vacuum reaction,which is in the range of -30℃ to 350℃.
       We have more than 80 pieces of 20L~8000L vitreous enamel, stainless steel reaction kettle,also 2000 thousand kilocalorie refrigeration machine,4T/H steam heating equipment and 600KVA power supply equipment.Also we are fully equipped with advanced instruments such as GC,HPLC,atomic absorption,NMR,TLC,etc.

Ningbo Jiasi Chemical CO.,LTD
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